Smart products and services headline in ABB’s biggest ever UK product guide

Published: 27-Feb-2017

IoT-enabled drives, motors and controls together with application-specific packages feature in ABB’s new 120-page guide

Smart sensors, apps and services that enable users of motors, variable speed drives (VSDs) and controls to tap into the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) headline in ABB’s 2017 catalogue.

These include the world’s first affordable sensor for tracking the performance of low voltage (LV) motors. The ABB smart sensor for LV motors is simply attached, without wiring, to the frame and monitors key parameters such as temperature and vibration. The data is drawn into a central cloud-based dashboard to provide maintenance crews with a real-time view of key performance indicators, showing which motors need servicing and when.

Advanced apps for VSDs that provide access to cloud-based services and information throughout the product’s life cycle are also featured. The Drivetune app enables service engineers to commission and tune the performance of VSDs via wireless Bluetooth connection. Meanwhile, the Drivebase app allows plant personnel to access ABB’s vast drive knowledge base via the cloud, to assist with installation and troubleshooting, simply by scanning a dynamic QR code generated by the VSD on its control panel.

The catalogue includes VSDs and motors designed for use in specific industries. These include the ABB drive for water and wastewater, (ACQ580) and the ABB HVAC drive (ACH580). Also featured are IEC stainless steel washdown motors, which meet the strict hygiene standards demanded by the food and beverage industry. The motors’ stainless steel casing, which is rated to IP69K, means the motors can resist direct water sprays at 100 bar and 80 degrees centigrade, allowing food production equipment to be cleaned in place.

ABB’s range of motor-drive packages aimed at specific industries and applications are also detailed in the guide. As one of the only companies manufacturing both VSDs and low voltage AC motors, ABB is able to offer customers perfectly designed, tested and approved matched pairs. ABB’s extensive range includes synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) and drive packages for industry, water and machines and an enhanced range of ATEX-compliant motor and drive packages for hazardous areas.

Other products include extensions to ABB’s general purpose drives offering, with ratings now available to 500 kW, and the ABB general purpose medium voltage drive, ACS580MV, a cabinet-built drive designed to control pumps and fans across multiple industries.

The guide contains detailed information and specifications for the full range of ABB drives and controls, motors and mechanical power transmission products all in one place.

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