Mastering the art of oral solid dosage manufacturing: join our FREE webinar

Published: 20-Feb-2024

Tackle the challenges you're facing in oral solid dosage (OSD) manufacturing

Join life science experts who will address your oral solid dosage (OSD) manufacturing hurdles during an upcoming roundtable webinar hosted by Manufacturing Chemist.

  • Hear from industry leaders such as Almac, Adare and Copley who will provide actionable insights on formulation stability, regulatory compliance and quality control measures for tablets and capsules.
  • Learn how to optimise production processes and meet regulatory standards to ensure product quality and efficacy.
  • You can also expect to hear about methods to enhance patient acceptance and compliance with tailored dosage forms.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your OSD production processes and stay ahead in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing.

To attend the webinar, sign up HERE.

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