SymCel launches commercial label-free cell based assay

Published: 14-Mar-2014

The calScreener has already been installed at international research institutions

Swedish company Symcel has developed a cell-based assay tool called the calScreener system that can provide realtime measurements of cellular bioenergetics. Three units have been installed at international research institutions.

The calScreener is based on the principles of calorimetry, which relies on heat to measure metabolic and physical changes. It enables continuous monitoring of energy release from biological systems regardless of morphology. The label-free detection system is said to offer significant cost benefits.

By measuring the total energy released, the calScreener system actively calculates the true phenotype effect and thus gives a more accurate indication of pharmacodynamics, regardless of pathway or mechanism involved.

The company has predicted significant sales across Europe in 2014, with the US market launch expected within the next year.

'Already we have seen a huge demand for the calScreener as pharma companies search for more predictive models to drug discovery. The technology is the closest to in vivo testing of any commercially available product and provides far better clinical predictability in drug development,' said Christer Wallin, President and CEO at SymCel.

'The system is adapted for 3D cell cultures and monitors tissue-like behaviour and can also be used for bacteria, yeast and parasites.'

The company is now looking for partners across Europe and will design bespoke systems and installations for each customer.

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