TekniPlex Healthcare celebrates Costa Rica facility expansion with ribbon-cutting event

Published: 3-Nov-2023

55,000 sqft expansion includes new medical tubing extrusion equipment as well as additional room for warehousing and assembly operations

TekniPlex Healthcare, which utilises advanced materials science expertise to help deliver better patient outcomes, celebrated the recent expansion of its production facility in Cartago, Costa Rica.

Comprising 55,000 sqft, the additional room is being utilised for new medical tubing extrusion lines, downstream equipment for assembly and other operations, and warehousing space.

For TekniPlex Healthcare’s Cartago facility, the 26 October ribbon-cutting commemorated the third stage of a multiphase expansion. For this phase, a new building allows manufacturing to be segregated from warehousing and provides additional capacity for both.

Highlights to date include new medical tubing extrusion equipment installed in a cleanroom environment.

The continuous closed-loop feedback extrusion system will help drive tighter tolerances at high manufacturing speeds, allowing TekniPlex Healthcare to increase its medical tubing and profile capacity amid a growing medical device components market. 

The Phase 3 expansion also helps further improve TekniPlex Healthcare’s business continuity capabilities — often a key factor in strategic partner selection where dual validation is critical — by building upon existing medical tubing manufacturing operations in the US, Mexico, Europe and China.

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For TekniPlex Healthcare, the investment and expansion at its Cartago plant further extends its ability to produce and deliver complex medical device assemblies that meet and exceed stringent requirements.

Upon completion, the project will add new extrusion lines, essentially doubling TekniPlex Healthcare’s capacity for micro-extrusions, quad tubes, thermally bonded paratubing and advanced multilayer coextrusions for complex drug delivery applications.

It will also include a dedicated cleanroom to perform other value-added activities and assembly.

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