The benefits of UHD resolution in cleanrooms

Published: 1-Oct-2020

When it is beneficial to have an exceptionally high-resolution display? Systec and Solutions GmbH explains

What has long been the norm in home entertainment is also becoming increasingly popular in cleanrooms – cleanroom displays with a UHD resolution (3840 x 2160, 16:9). Systec & Solutions GmbH already offers two versions of their WAVE series in UHD resolution. In the following, you will see the special use cases and room situations for which they are beneficial.

Higher resolution in cleanrooms for better ergonomics and improved readability

An ultra HD resolution delivers four times more pixels than full HD and enables screen content to be displayed with significantly greater sharpness and detail. The true brilliance of ultra HD is especially apparent at close distances, as is common in the workplace. Thanks to the higher pixel density, even the smallest fonts and images are more easily recognisable to the eyes. The improved readability enables more and smaller content to be displayed. As a result, employees have all the important information at a glance without having to scroll. For users, this means working more efficiently and using the display more ergonomically.

A UHD display can be a good alternative to dual-screen solutions

In cleanrooms, it is common practice to simultaneously keep an eye on the MES and the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) or other applications. Dual-display systems are available for this purpose. They display one software application per screen. If there is enough space, this can be solved, e.g. by a mobile battery-operated workstation such as the TROLLEY LIGHT Duplex. A support arm system also allows two monitors to be arranged horizontally or vertically, although the weight makes it impossible to install via an exceptionally flexible U-tube support arm. Dual-display solutions are not ideal if space is constrained or if the walls have a low load capacity.

A single-display solution is more compact and lighter. The higher resolution of an UHD display makes it possible to simultaneously display both software systems in just one screen and still offer the best readability. With its 27 inches, the WAVE 227 is particularly well suited for this purpose. Choosing an UHD display offers additional benefits. The lower energy consumption of a UHD display, for example, is reflected in the operating costs, although it also delivers a longer operating time for a battery-powered, mobile solution.

A comparison of the single UHD display solution and dual-display solution

The benefits of UHD resolution in cleanrooms

WAVE 227 and WAVE 255 cleanroom systems with UHD resolution

Systec and Solutions GmbH offers a display in UHD resolution for the two WAVE 227 and WAVE 255 HMI cleanroom systems. Whereas the WAVE 227 at 27 inches offers a large-scale display for a wide range of cleanroom applications, the WAVE 255 at 55 inches is suitable for, e.g. training courses or displaying KPIs. Both versions are equipped with a multi-touch display that is embedded in an enclosed, IP65 stainless-steel housing. The WAVE 227 can be combined with various support arm systems or a mobile operating station. The WAVE 255 gives you the option of direct wall installation or setup using the provided stainless steel stand.

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