Transfer of aggressive chemicals made easier with breakthrough tubing design

Published: 12-Feb-2015

New Masterflex Solve-Flex tubing from Cole-Parmer revolutionises where you can use peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps are the fastest growing positive displacement pump technology. Simple set-up and maintenance, coupled with accurate dosing, have made them a preferred choice in the pharma and food markets.

Adoption of peristaltic pumps within the chemical industry has accelerated as advances in tubing design offer longer maintenance-free periods. The new tubing formulation also allows transfer and dosing of harsh chemicals not previously compatible with peristaltic pump tubing.

Cole-Parmer’s innovative new flexible tubing offers the chemical inertness of a fluoropolymer. Masterflex Solve-Flex tubing has a fluoropolymer-based liner which is plasticiser-free, hydrophobic and resists the absorption of aqueous fluids. It also offers low spallation and assured purity of fluid. A flexible outer jacket extends the pumping life of the tubing. 

Masterflex Solve-Flex Pump Tubing can be used for corrosive fluids, solvents and aggressive chemicals, including organic solvent lines, ink and solvent production, diagnostic testing, speciality chemical processing, and ink and toner feed lines. It also provides an option for transferring essential oils in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry. The flexible tubing solves the challenge of hard-to-match peristaltic pump applications.

Masterflex Solve-Flex Pump Tubing meets USP Class VI requirements. It is available in long continuous lengths, allowing for an unobstructed fluid path.

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