Twist Bioscience and LakePharma share resources for antibody platform

Published: 9-Apr-2019

Twist will provide its antibody discovery platform, LakePharma will provide development services

Two California-based companies have formed a strategic partnership to offer antibody discovery and development solutions. Twist Bioscience Corporation and LakePharma will share their resources to benefit their customers.

Under the terms of the agreement, LakePharma will have the ability to offer Twist’s proprietary antibody discovery and optimisation platforms to their existing and future biopharmaceutical customers as part of their service offerings.

Hua Tu, CEO and Chairman of LakePharma, said: “Twist brings a very different approach to antibody discovery and optimisation, as they are to create synthetic DNA libraries quickly and tailor the outcome to the needs of our clients to ensure successful antibody discovery efforts.

One such platform generated is for the discovery of novel therapeutic antibodies against a major class of protein drug targets known as GPCRs, which traditionally have been difficult for biologics drug development.

As Lake Pharma is a biologics CRDMO this would be a useful addition for its portfolio. In return, the DNA synthesisers, Twist, will have access to LakePharma’s integrated discovery and development services.

Emily Leproust, CEO and co-founder of Twist Bioscience, said: “Through this collaboration, we increase our visibility significantly within the biopharma discovery space. We intend to leverage the incredible strengths of Twist, with our ability to synthesise any library for a given target, together with LakePharma’s expertise in integrated discovery, development and early manufacturing to offer a complete solution from target to clinical candidate.”

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