Unifine Pentips Plus can help prevent needlestick injuries

Published: 20-Feb-2012

Available in four needle lengths

The Unifine Pentips Plus from specialist UK medical devices manufacturer Owen Mumford allows adults and children who rely on regular injections to change their pen needles more easily and safely.

The Woodstock, Oxfordshire-based firm says Unifine Pentips Plus, which will be launched in the UK next month, is the only pen needle of its kind with a dedicated chamber to store a used needle safely and therefore help prevent needlestick injuries. It also incorporates Safety Click Technology to indicate that the needle has been securely stored away.

Ergonomic design reduces the force needed to remove a used pen needle and attach a new one. Re capping a used pen needle can now also be done safely with one hand (when placed on a hard surface such as a table or desk).

Owen Mumford says the generous proportions of the Unifine Pentips Plus make it easy to grip, which will benefit those with limited dexterity or visual impairment.

Compatible with all major injection pen devices, including non-Owen Mumford products, four needle lengths are available: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm.

To view an animation explaining how Unifine Pentips Plus works please visit www.unifineplus.com

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