Vaisala to hold webinars about humidity measurement

Published: 19-Jul-2010

Five part series aimed at pharma, biotech, medical device and other life science companies

Quality managers in pharmaceutical, biotech and other life science companies that are seeking ways to cope with humidity measurement problems and maintain full regulatory compliance are invited to attend a five-part webinar series, Humidity 101, being hosted by Vaisala, whose instruments are widely regarded as the gold standard for measuring humidity in a wide range of life science applications, among others.

The Humidity 101 series will begin with a webinar about humidity theory labelled Humidity Theory, Terms and Definitions, to be broadcast on 29 July 2010, 10:00- 11:00 PDT. Subsequent webinars will include: Humidity Sensor Technology – Tutorial; Best Practices in Humidity Measurement; Calibration of the Humidity Instrument; and Special Topics about Humidity Measurement in Regulated Environments.

Attendees can register for these no-cost webinars and find more information about the Humidity 101 webinar schedule here.

Bruce McDuffee, National Humidity Instructor for Vaisala, comments, ‘Humidity is one of the more difficult measurements to make and has been known to cause problems throughout the highly regulated life sciences industries. The first step towards dealing with and compensating for the problems caused by humidity is to understand the properties and definitions so that a proper, reliable, and repeatable measurement can be obtained.

Humidity 101 is designed to be educational in nature and covers topics such as humidity definitions and theory, psychrometrics, calibration, good measurement practice, and specific training on the use of the Vaisala HUMICAP technology.’

For more information please contact Humidity 101 coordinator Bruce McDuffee at +303-262-4044,

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