Veeva Systems releases report on time-consuming manual approaches

Published: 19-Apr-2023

Research reveals most medtech companies (83%) rely on manual approaches to share information with study stakeholders, such as email, portals, and paper.

Veeva Systems has released its first MedTech Clinical Benchmark Report, which reveals that most medtech companies (83%) are still relying on inefficient and time-consuming manual approaches to share information with study stakeholders.

Research reveals most medtech companies (83%) rely on manual approaches to share information with study stakeholders, such as email, portals, and paper. Manual methods of sharing information slow down study execution and data analysis, increasing the time and costs necessary to complete trial activities. With regulations like EU MDR and IVDR requiring more clinical evidence and performance data, there is a near-term opportunity to advance medtech studies to be faster and more efficient.

The report highlights key areas for improvement and progress made in medtech clinical research, including:

  • Disconnected systems remain a crucial issue: More than half of respondents (61%) experience challenges with fragmented clinical systems because of cross-system integration, data management, reporting, and usability. Managing studies on siloed systems can lead to manual errors, duplicate data, and missing files. 
  • A clear strategy is needed for post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF): There was no single method for PMCF used by most respondents, with top approaches reported as real-world evidence (21%), literature search (20%), and comparison studies (20%). Without a standard method to meet PMCF, organisations can benefit from developing an end-to-end process that spans clinical, medical, regulatory, quality, and marketing for continuous data gathering throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Shift to digital clinical systems accelerating this year: Nearly half (45%) say shifting to digital clinical systems is a top priority over the next 12 months. Establishing a digital and connected technology foundation will make it easier for study stakeholders to work together, increasing trial efficiency, accelerating data delivery, and improving the experience for sites. 

“The medtech industry has a significant opportunity to modernise clinical systems and processes for faster access to trial data,” said Kevin Liang, vice president, Vault Clinical strategy, Veeva MedTech. “As more organisations prioritise digital clinical technologies, medtech can improve collaboration with stakeholders and drive trial efficiency, productivity, and compliance.”

The Veeva MedTech Clinical Benchmark study examined how organisations—ranging from emerging to large device and diagnostics companies—manage clinical processes, study site collaboration, and trial data to ensure compliance and speed. This report includes insights from more than 135 clinical medtech professionals worldwide, outlining current challenges and near-term priorities associated with clinical trial conduct. See the full report, which investigates how medtech companies are managing clinical operations, outsourcing, post-market clinical follow-up, and modernisation.

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