Whitehouse Scientific to present three papers at PSA 2011

Published: 12-Aug-2011

Covering recent applications in particulates analysis

Whitehouse Scientific will present three full papers on recent applications in particulates analysis at The Particulate Systems Analysis 2011 Conference and Exhibition (PSA 2011), which takes place from 5–7 September 2011 at the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Whitehouse principals will present the papers during the pre-lunchtime session on 5 September (Clarendon Suite).

‘Production and Characterisation of High Resolution Particle Size Reference Standards’ will be presented by Dr Graham Rideal (ceo); ‘Single Parameter Sieve Certification Using Precision Glass Microspheres’ by Jamie Storey (md), and ‘Image Analysis – Is ‘Seeing’ really ‘Believing’. Overlooked Parameters Can Significantly Affect the Results’ by Keith Brocklehurst (senior scientist).

Whitehouse Scientific will also preview two new products at the associated exhibition: the new cost-effective ShapeSizer image analysis system and an improved range of silver-coated opaque particle sizing standards.

The new ShapeSizer image analysis system was originally designed for certifying BCR reference microspheres. The addition of a state of the art CCD camera, computer and sophisticated software has produced a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of industrial particulate applications where both size and shape are critical particle size parameters.

Whitehouse Scientific’s new opaque standard covers the range from 10–100µm. This standard has been the subject of exhaustive testing, by leading manufacturers and end users through the Quality Audit Scheme of LGC Standards and has resulted in unequivocal consistency in laser diffraction analysis.

The Whitehouse Scientific team will be available throughout the event and will be pleased to discuss any aspect of particle size and shape characterisation and the application of calibration standards.

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