WHP completes enzyme manufacturing facility for Biocatalysts

Published: 7-Jun-2021

The UK-based company has worked with Biocatalysts Ltd through a stage-gated design process on a fully aseptic environment

Multi-disciplinary engineering company WHP has completed the design and fit-out of a state-of-the-art Enzyme Manufacturing Facility for Biocatalysts Ltd.

WHP worked with the client through a stage-gated design process, to create a 10,000 L geometric volume microbial fermentation facility, which will be used to manufacture commercial food-grade enzymes, fermented proteins and enzymes for pharma and other sectors within a fully aseptic environment.

At the core of this new manufacturing facility is a 10,000 L fermenter and its supporting network of 300, 500 & 5000- L seed fermenters and feed vessels.

This bespoke cutting-edge equipment and automated control system ensure scale-up is reliable and robust with an exceptional record for no contamination in production batches.

The manufacturing facilities are non-GMP and are supported by homogenisation, primary separation using centrifuge technology, UF separation, filtration and bactifiltration, including buffer and intermediate storage tanks. The facility also includes a segregated area for utility generation and is future proofed with fallow space.

WHP's scope covered the building fit-out, utilities and bespoke, cutting-edge process equipment. Designed to account for various recipes and product processes the flexibility of the facility allows for great versatility, with the control system able to run different fermentation processes as programmed by the operator. An automatic clean in place system provides for post-manufacture cleaning across the entire plant, while system sterilisation sequences control the aseptic nature of the process.

The plant has also been designed to accommodate a second 10,000 L fermenter for future growth.

Ian Lichfield, CEO of WHP, said: "WHP is proud to have worked in partnership with Biocatalysts Ltd to deliver this state-of-the-art Enzyme Manufacturing Facility during a challenging time for UK industry.

"We are excited about strengthening our working relationship with the Biocatalysts Ltd team as we support their future growth plans," Lichfield added.

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