3M extends filtration range for enhanced process scaling from laboratory to commercial production

Published: 2-Jan-2013

Free-standing plug-and-play capsules with 170cm2, 340cm2 or 1020cm2 filtration areas deliver predictable scale-up/scale-down performance

Leveraging 40 years of expertise and innovation in bioburden, biomass and fine-particle reduction filtration, the Purification division of 3M, the diversified technology company, has enhanced its successful encapsulated single-use depth filtration range by releasing new scaling tools. The new Zeta Plus Scale-up Capsule Filters from 3M are innovative in that they are easy to use and allow predictable performance when scaling from laboratory fermentations during process development to commercial biomanufacturing and purification.

The three new Zeta Plus Capsule Filters - E0170, E0340 and E1020 - have a filtration surface area of 170cm2, 340cm2, and 1020cm2 respectively. The capsules complete the existing disposable filtration range, which now extends from the 25cm2 BC25 model to units of 11.2m2 or 17.5m2, configured using capsules with a positive cam locking mechanism and manifolds in a range of holders. For applications requiring an even larger filtration area, the Zeta Plus Encapsulated System multi-round holder combines multiple 11.2/17.5m2 filter carousels.

'Our new Zeta Plus encapsulated devices allow customers greater flexibility when scaling processes from laboratory, through small scale Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ultimately commercial manufacture. All media and flow paths are identical in the devices to facilitate linear scaling and robust, reproducible purification data,' said Lynne Deakin, Field Applications Specialist, 3M’s Purification Division. 'Customers currently using our BCE03 or BC1000/2000 capsules should convert to the new capsules to enhance performance and productivity.'

The new Zeta Plus Capsule Filters can be used in parallel or in series, and provide the flexibility to use different filter media at the same time. The capsules have integral legs for plug-and-play operation or stacking (without a ring stand), and are also moulded in translucent plastic for easy monitoring of the filtration process.

The new capsules have been engineered to minimise hold-up volume, which reduces the buffer consumption for pre-flushing and improves process yield. Sanitary connectors are standard enabling easy bottom-in/bottom-out connectivity and free draining. The capsules are compatible with 1M NaOH for sanitisation/sterilisation and are capable of withstanding an autoclave cycle of 30 minutes duration at 126°C. The complete unit is disposable by incineration, since no separate housing is used.

The new capsules complete the existing range which is widely used in laboratory research and process development/optimisation in industry sectors such as cell culture clarification, buffer filtration, blood fractionation and general filtration and separation processes.

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