3M safety spotlight is breath of fresh air

Published: 28-Jan-2014

Webinars have been adapted to be more interactive, offering participants the opportunity to have their say on safety matters

Diversified technology company 3M is opening this year’s series of its popular Safety Spotlight webinars with a brand new topic: ‘The 3M Paths to Respiratory Protection’.

Health and safety professionals from any location can log in to these free industry-leading sessions, which are conveniently scheduled during lunchtime hours so there is no need to take time out of the working day.

The 3M Path to Respiratory Protection webinar will be delivered in two parts on Thursday 6 February and Thursday 13 February, both at 12.00 noon, and will be hosted by 3M technical specialists Rob Brill and Alan McArthur. Part one will focus on ‘Identifying and Detecting Hazards and Assessing Risk’, and part two will centre on ‘The Selection of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)’.

The series is now in its fourth year, and has gradually evolved and become more successful by offering a diverse range of topics. This year the webinars have been adapted to be more interactive, offering participants the opportunity to have their say on safety matters. Not only does a Q&A session at the end enable participants to ask 3M questions, but a new live poll feature also enables the 3M Technical specialists to request crowd opinions on safety matters throughout the webinar.

The conversation doesn’t stop when the webinar ends either, as a Twitter hashtag #SafetySpotlight allows the audience to partake in an ongoing discussion.

'As a leading supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we are passionate about protecting the health and safety of workers in hugely varied working environments,' says Rob Brill. 'Respiratory protection is important across a number of industries where there are harmful gases and vapours; therefore it is important that respiratory hazards and risks are identified correctly. For the first session I will guide the audience through this process and encourage participants to take advantage of the new interactive element by voting on the live polls.'

Technical services engineer Alan McArthur

Technical services engineer Alan McArthur

Alan McArthur adds: 'Where RPE is required it is vital that it is selected correctly and that storage, maintenance and training are addressed, which is what I will be talking about in the second instalment. Again I welcome people to bring forward any questions they may have at the end of the webinar.'

The schedule for the rest of 2014 includes a number of other hot topics such as ‘Spending Wisely: Getting the Most from your PPE’, as well as industry-specific sessions.

To register for the webinars, go to www.3M.co.uk/safetyspotlights. All you need to join is a telephone and internet access.

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