Asymchem acquires former Pfizer development and API pilot plant manufacturing facilities at Discovery Park

Published: 22-May-2024

The acquisition will expand Asymchem's global reach to the UK, as well as giving the company access to development laboratories and an API pilot plant

Asymchem Laboratories, has taken over the former Pfizer UK small molecule API pilot plant and part of the development laboratories through a new lease agreement, establishing Asymchem's first manufacturing footprint in Europe.

Asymchem will continue to operate the site in Sandwich, Kent, as a clinical small molecule development and manufacturing facility to meet global client demands for pharma services and supply.


Expanding global capabilities

The development laboratories are expected to begin operation in June 2024, followed by the API pilot plant in August.

The site is expected to employ approximately 100 individuals by the end of 2024, including many staff previously employed by Pfizer. Planned additions for the site include capabilities for the manufacture of peptides and oligonucleotides, as well as sustainability capabilities utilising continuous flow and biocatalysis.

“Meeting the needs of our clients in bringing manufacturing into the Western market will continue to be part of our long-term strategy to meet overall global business demands.” Commented Chair and CEO of Asymchem Group, Dr Hao Hong.

Mayer Schreiber, CEO of Discovery Park, said: “We are delighted to welcome Asymchem to Discovery Park this summer. The organisation has selected Discovery Park as their European base and home to their first manufacturing facility in Europe, bringing new jobs and safeguarding scientific talent. Asymchem joins a burgeoning community of over 160 companies in a designated Life Sciences Opportunity Zone, representing an incredible talent pool which contributes significantly to the U.K. life sciences economy.”

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