Glatt at ACHEMA 2024: process solutions for the pharma industry

Published: 7-Jun-2024

The company will showcase a range of solutions in Hall 3.1, Stand A20.

Glatt Group, a provider of integrated process solutions and fluid bed systems, will be presenting its combined expertise at two booths at ACHEMA. 

Visitors to the main booth in hall 3.0 H4 will experience the highlight of a Pharma factory of the future and several product launches. 

The company will be presenting Glatt containment interfaces in hall 3.1 Stand A20.

CU:BE connected

A large cube (CU:BE) is present on the main booth. Inside the cube is a pharma OSD factory of the future: A digitally integrated containment processing line. 

From project planning to the latest automated process technology to the finished medicine, customers can experience Glatt's combined expertise and partner network.

After passing a planning office, visitors can see a capsule production from dosing (Glatt Isolator) to granulation (Glatt TwinPro®), drying, sieving and mixing to capsule filling (Harro Höfliger Modu-C). 

PAT sensors monitor critical process parameters. Special attention is paid to product handling: the API is filled using robots (Stäubli) and product transfer is handled by intelligently controlled lifting columns, innovative pneumatic conveying systems and integrated mixers. 

G-Connect SmartID

The new G-Connect SmartID enables smart part verification for digital pharmaceutical documentation and replaces the four-eye principle required in pharmaceutical production.

With its intuitive operating concept, this ensures full process control and thus reduces the risk of operating errors. 

As an intermediate level to the MES system, the G-Connect Integrator bundles all machine and process parameters in a central location. The high degree of automation scores with real-time monitoring, seamless traceability, greater safety and speed and offers potential for personnel savings.

The new GCC

Glatt has further optimised the efficient GCC coater and is presenting it to the public for the first time at this year's ACHEMA. 

The new GCC has greater flexibility that previous models and sets a new standard in tablet coating technology from 5% loading volume per batch. It also copes perfectly with frequent product changes. 

Thanks to the new optimised side doors, it can be set up in a space-saving manner. 

The new air treatment system is highly efficient, offering potential energy savings of up to 50%. 

The GCC also offers a unique, efficient and sustainable cleaning concept. With the new smart, intuitive control panel, it is even easier to operate. It can be used for containment applications up to OEB5.

Advanced direct compression and wet granulation

The configurable MOdular COntinuous System (MODCOS) sets the standard for maximum flexibility and a wide range of customer-specific solutions in the continuous production of OSD products.

New pilot plant for demanding continuous coating applications

With the new pilot-sized GFC 16 process module, special attention was paid to both the fluid mechanical behaviour of the system and the gentle feeding and discharging of raw materials and coated products. 

Due to its design, the module has all injection options and can be operated in a very wide particle size range. It therefore enables all continuous coating and layering processes in the fluidised bed and achieves a particularly homogeneous distribution of the coating material thanks to its design concept. 

This results in uniform and dense coatings which, for example, influence the sensory properties of the products, improve their attractiveness and provide effective protection against particles and environmental influences as well as controlled release.


CDMO services 

The company will also present their expertise in the production of solid pharmaceutical products. The team will also demonstrate various process solutions, using digitalisation  and AI to offer a new solution for quality testing and analysis of pellets. 


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