PanTera signs agreement with Bayer for the supply of actinium-225

Published: 14-Feb-2024

The company will provide 225Ac for clinical trial needs

PanTera today announced the signing of a capacity reservation agreement with Bayer for the supply of actinium-225.

The Belgian joint venture created by IBA and SCK CEN to secure large-scale production of alpha-emitting radioisotopes will start in the second half of 2024.

In 2024, PanTera will continue to work on increasing access to 225Ac for clinical trial needs, as well as on the development of a large-scale, state of the art production facility to address growing global demand.

Sven Van den Berghe, CEO of PanTera, commented, “PanTera’s emerging ability to start supplying 225Ac this year will allow research and clinical trials in this domain to advance. The combined expertise and technology from SCK CEN and IBA places PanTera in a unique position to become the go-to global supplier of 225Ac for clinical trials and commercial use.

PanTera is committed to supporting the pharmaceutical industry by scaling up production to meet the significant global demand for targeted radiopharma-based therapeutics in the fight against cancer.”

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