Automate LC purification & high-purity compound recovery with UFPLC

Published: 22-Apr-2024

The purification instrument allows manufacturers to extract high-purity compounds in a shorter timeframe

Shimadzu’s UFPLC is the industry’s first ultra-fast purification LC instrument that fully automates recovery of highly purified target compounds from complex samples.

Conventional workflows utilising preparative liquid chromatography yield fractions with significant water content which can take several hours to evaporate and typically cannot be completely removed. 

The UFPLC offers a single automated workflow that utilises on-line fraction trapping as an alternative to traditional fraction collection, allowing elution of collected compounds in highly volatile organic solvents that can easily be evaporated. 

This results in ultra-high purity compounds in significantly reduced time. 

The instrument is controlled by a dedicated walk-up software designed for users to easily set conditions for chromatographic separation and isolation of target compounds, trapping, purifying, eluting and collecting highly purified compounds. 

The Nexera UFPLC greatly improves the efficiency of preparative fraction collection and purification workflows in the pharmaceutical industry.

The main functions of the UFPLC system include:

  • Automation of fraction post-processing (desalting, solvent removal, counter ion switching)
  • Up to 90% faster sample evaporation
  • Targeting major peaks or small unknown impurity peaks 
  • Generating highly reproducible pure samples




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