Shimadzu and the drive for automation

Published: 31-Aug-2023

Shimadzu has introduced cutting-edge analytical equipment generates invaluable data that "fuels the core of the machine learning matrix"

In the dynamic landscape of modern laboratories, a transformative era is upon us. The laboratory of the future stands as a testament to connectivity and automation, guided by the insightful prowess of artificial intelligence. Welcome to Laboratory 4.0, where the convergence of autonomous robotic systems, digital transformation, and agile workflows are re-defining the boundaries of possibility. 

Central to this shift are the challenges of unifying diverse software platforms, spanning variety of manufacturers or disciplines, and effectively harnessing and managing vast data sources. Shimadzu are leading the development of cross-vendor communication, bolstered by simple, yet incredibly powerful input platform, empowering modern laboratories to seamlessly integrate analytical instrumentation into their autonomous workflows.

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The significance of analytical instrumentation in sample analysis is pivotal. Shimadzu's cutting-edge analytical equipment generates invaluable data that fuels the core of the machine learning matrix, catalysing the evolution of chemical design, streamlining synthetic pathways, and accelerating the discovery of groundbreaking therapeutics.

The Nexera-FV analytical UHPLC system allows for seamless connection of up to 12 multi-vendor instruments and conducting independent analysis via the LabSolutions Sync software platform. The generated data enrich machine learning environment to drive new instructions and evolve the development of optimised synthetic routes or production of novel therapeutics.

Shimadzu is committed to reshaping the future of laboratories. The Laboratory 4.0 revolution is here, and the potential for advancement and discovery has never been more promising.

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