TLX Cargo invents SOLARAPTM: a novel solar barrier fabric

Published: 17-May-2024

The nano pores in TLX8 pallet covers dramatically increase its surface area, creating a barrier to UV light and maintaining the temperature of pharmaceuticals in distribution

Drawing inspiration from skin, TLX Cargo has developed SOLARAPTM, a solar barrier material used for its TLX8 thermal pallet covers. 

TLX8 is designed to protect both pharmaceutical and perishable shipments from extreme solar radiation when the pallet is placed on tarmac, and mitigate temperature excursions during transportation.

Thomas Hunt, CEO of TLX Cargo, shares, “After two years of dedicated research and development we have a thermal pallet cover to offer the market in 2024. Our team have come up with a new concept in solar barrier material that will be used to protect temperature sensitive shipments globally. SOLARAPTM nano pores have a surface area of 35.3 m2/g, equivalent to eight football pitches. These miniature circular pores form an effective barrier to ultraviolet by scattering and absorbing incoming radiation”.

The SOLARAPTM research journey began in the UK and swiftly transitioned to Australia, where real- life conditions proved essential for development and validating performance.

Senior Scientist, Alice Harrop explains, "Protecting vaccines from shock temperature increases is challenging due to the diverse spectrum of solar radiation. These waves vary in intensity and angle of attack, influenced by atmospheric conditions and the sun's position. SOLARAPTM adapts accordingly, working harder as temperatures rise”.

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