ACG launches IIoT service for pharma manufacturing

Published: 13-Jan-2022

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) describes connected devices within a manufacturing environment which enable data collection, exchange and analysis

ACG, an integrated pharma service provider, has introduced the Smart Connected Product - a IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution that connects production machines at any facility and visualises information on a single platform. This data can be viewed on any device with a secure connection and is accessible only to authorised users, the company says.

The Smart Connected Product is designed to address the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. The technology enables pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies to remotely monitor production machine settings, performance parameters, machine downtimes, and alarms, through the Smart Connected dashboard in real-time.

The company’s support service can study machine performance through remote settings and assist customers on how to better maintain and operate their machinery.

The company has also launched a marketing campaign to raise awareness on how pharma manufacturers can collaborate with ACG to remotely monitor their equipment, improve efficiencies and reduce unplanned downtimes. The key messages will focus on how using IIoT can provide manufacturers valuable data to analyse machine performance and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Marcus Michel, CEO, ACG Engineering said, “We are excited to unveil the Smart Connected Product as part of our Smart Connected campaign. This initiative demonstrates ACG’s commitment to provide data-centric, end-to-end solutions under the principle of predictive maintenance. Our overall aim is to reduce costs, as well as lower any safety, health, environment and quality risks – all to ensure superior manufacturing performance. Detailed insights and information from our experts will help provide guidance to our customers on how to make machines run more efficiently and prevent unplanned downtime. Amid the evolving healthcare landscape, the Smart Connected product is a step forward to ensure an undisrupted supply chain.”

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