Achieve greater upstream productivity with intensified processing

Published: 18-Sep-2020

New App Note from Merck on the use of perfusion technologies

Perfusion technology can efficiently make use of existing facility assets to increase upstream productivity and reduce costs compared to traditional batch or fed-batch processes.

This yields a reduction in process time, or an increase in manufacturing capacity of seed train bioreactors, without increasing volume requirements.

Heightened cost pressures are driving the need to increase process efficiency and flexibility, resulting in a renewed interest in process intensification via perfusion.

In this study, the Cellicon perfusion filter and controller are utilised in an N-1 perfusion process with Cellvento 4CHO-X Expansion Medium prior to a fed-batch production bioreactor.

The results were compared to a control process, with a conventional seed train, and evaluated for cell growth, titer, nutrients and metabolites, and product quality during the production process.

Additionally, a high seeding density was evaluated for its effect on these same parameters as well as the possible benefits of implementing process intensification in the upstream process.

The cell growth, specific productivity and product quality were very similar for all three processes, showing that the Cellicon perfusion filter can increase manufacturing possibilities with process intensification while maintaining product quality.

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