Adents serialisation solution chosen by French pharma company to ensure FMD compliance

Published: 7-Dec-2018

Cloud solution enables Cristers to easily exchange serialisation data with supply chain partners and move beyond compliance to improve business practices

Adents, a leading provider of versatile and easily deployable serialisation and track and trace solutions, had its Adents Prodigi cloud serialisation solution chosen by French pharmaceutical company Cristers to ensure compliance with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and provide beyond-compliance ROI.

Jointly developed with Microsoft and powered by Azure, Adents Prodigi allows for secure data exchange and helps leverage the power of serialisation data to improve business practices.

Cristers markets generic and OTC products, and is a French Lab owned by a cooperative of pharmacists. Holding a marketing authorisation for more than 400 products, Cristers differentiates itself with clear and handy packaging to facilitate communication with patients.

While searching for a serialisation solution that would ensure compliance with the FMD, Cristers also sought a means of enabling easy exchange of serialisation data with its supply chain partners, including contract manufacturers and logistics providers.

Additionally, Cristers wanted a solution that would aid in the onboarding of more than 30 European partners – including CMOs, vendors and third-party logistics providers – and facilitate connection with a diverse set of Levels 3 & 4 serialisation solutions.

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Adents serialisation solutions are designed to help companies gain simplified speed to compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Adents Prodigi cloud-based Level 4 traceability solution met all of Cristers’ needs.

The solution centrally manages regulatory requirements, provides an easy onboarding process to connect multiple trading partners, and facilitates significant business improvements by enabling companies to utilise the massive amounts of data generated during the serialisation and track & trace process.

“Adents Prodigi solution was the best native cloud Level 4 solution that offers us scalable and cost-efficient IT architecture in addition to a quick and easy partners onboarding,” said Hervé Abou, Head Pharmacist of Cristers.

“Our prequalified software saves time during the validation phase, provides ultimate data security, and offers tremendous advanced analytics capabilities – enabling companies to move beyond compliance to improve business practices.” Added Christophe Devins, founder and CEO of Adents.

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