Almac awarded six CDMO leadership awards

Published: 21-Feb-2023

The awards were for overall recognition, received for compatibility, expertise, quality and reliability

CDMO Almac Group has won six CDMO Leadership Awards for 2023. 

The CDMO Leadership Awards recognise top performing CDMOs, celebrating outstanding companies in drug development and manufacturing, emphasising high standards of quality, integrity and innovation exemplified in their work. The winners will be presented with an award at a ceremony on 22 March in New York.

Primary market research by Industry Standard Research (ISR) is the basis of the awards. 72 contract manufacturers were assessed by 23 performance metrics in ISR’s annual Contract Manufacturing Quality Benchmarking survey. This experiential feedback was analysed by sponsor company size to reveal leading CDMOs in different performance categories. CDMOs must meet the minimum threshold of customer survey responses to be eligible for an award.

Almac was successful in achieving awards in all core categories including: 

  • Excellence in Capabilities (Small Pharma)
  • Compatibility (Overall and Small Pharma)
  • Expertise (Overall and Small Pharma)
  • Quality (Overall and Small Pharma)
  • Reliability (Overall and Small Pharma)
  • Service (Small Pharma)

Winners in each of these categories were judged by their customers as either exceeding expectations or as top performers in outsourced projects conducted within the past 18 months.

Outside of the core metrics, Almac also received individual attribute awards for five additional categories - accessible senior management, innovation, on-time delivery, reputation and right first time. 

John McQuaid, President and Managing Director, Almac Pharma Services, commented: “I am both delighted and proud that Almac has been recognised again by Life Science Leader at the annual CDMO awards. To have won in all six categories, and four overall reflects the commitment of the Almac team who work hard to provide best-in-class, tailored solutions to our global client base and their patients. The accreditations are particularly meaningful as we have been evaluated by customers we have partnered with."

These awards are based on experiential feedback and enable users of ISR’s market research

Stephen Barr, President and Managing Director, Almac Sciences, added: “To receive this recognition, influenced directly from our clients, is a fantastic endorsement and testament to our excellence in research, development and manufacturing of high-quality chemical products used in high-profile consumer industries across the globe. We are delighted that Life Science Leader has recognised our team for delivering innovative, original, and high-quality service and solutions in these categories which has contributed significantly to the betterment of human health.” 

Kate Hammeke, Vice President, Industry Standard Research said: “Industry Standard Research is proud to be a part of the CDMO Leadership Awards. ISR’s research methodology ensures that the people who participate in the contract manufacturing benchmarking market research are highly qualified decision-makers with first-hand experience working with the suppliers they evaluate. These awards are based on experiential feedback and enable users of ISR’s market research to make data-driven decisions with respect to choosing an outsourcing partner. It also means the winners of these awards have been delivering the highest quality of service according to their current and recent customers and are deserving of these accolades for their distinction.”

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