Aptuit Discover Screens are fast and inexpensive

Published: 19-Jul-2012

Early discovery screens include polymorph, salt and crystallisation products

US contract development and manufacturing services supplier Aptuit is now offering Discover Screens, a new series of fast, low priced screens for the early discovery phase of drug development.

The firm says these screens stand apart from traditional screening methods that address complex problem-solving goals later on in the development phase. Discover Screens are for companies engaged in drug discovery, but which face budgetary and material constraints.

Pamela Smith, Aptuit’s senior director and SSCI site director explained: ‘While low cost screens may not be new to the industry, there’s a difference in Discover Screens from Aptuit. Our experimental approach is customised to the properties of the compound, and goes beyond the well established limitations of high throughput experiments.

As a result, we rely on experiments that are not always the same, and are not routinely duplicated for every compound. Rather than selecting a mix of standard experiments, Aptuit solid state chemistry experts maximise the value of our client’s investment by choosing only those experiments that are best suited to understanding the solid state characteristics of the compound.’

Discover Screens include an Early Development Polymorph Screen for clients with a crystalline material; an Early Development Salt Screen when only a non-crystalline material is available or when improved solubility or purity is needed; and an Early Development Crystallisation Screen when a crystalline form of a non-crystalline material is of interest. Each of these Discover Screens can be followed by an optional Stable Form Screen that is used to assess the solid state nature of the compound and subsequently identify the most stable form.

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