Atlantic Zeiser offers late-stage customisation and serialisation of a flat carton in colour

Published: 6-Jul-2016

Digiline Versa combines a number of technologies for an efficient turnkey solution

The latest Digiline Versa from Atlantic Zeiser is a fully integrated and modular system for late-stage customisation in colour and/or serialisation of flat and glued cartons in a single pass.

The stand-alone system combines a multitude of technologies for an efficient and process safe turnkey solution. It ensures that all of today's and future serialisation requirements can be fulfilled – including the serialisation with QR-code for Chinese veterinary medicine.

The late stage customisation functions enable the production of many different country specific styles starting from an almost blank carton, thus considerably reducing the number of carton variants to be managed with respect to procurement, storage space and stock keeping. Emerging demand for special or only in small quantities styles, design changes and test batches are manufactured with the shortest process time, close to demand and just in time.

The system is aimed at folding box manufacturers; packaging operations in front of packaging lines eliminating the need for upgrades with serialisation equipment; and in shipment centres where flat cartons are erected and filled with high value products, possibly on demand and in low quantities.

The high precision transport can hold, depending on the specific demand, different inkjet printer types such as the monochrome spot colour inkjet printers of the Omega family that are available with a print width from 36 to 210mm.

The excellent transport quality means the system can also be combined with the new Omega Pro colour inkjet printers, which have been specifically developed for late-stage customisation applications, and produce the highest possible print quality, the firm says.

A line scan camera verifies all of the printing on the carton. An eject mechanism ensures that only good products arrive at the delivery.

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