Bachem and GlyTech develop chemical synthesis of Interferon β-1a

Published: 10-Jul-2013

Now seek a future partnership with a Pharma or biotech company

Swiss biochemicals manufacturer Bachem and GlyTech, a Japanese manufacturer of human type glycans in kilogram scale, have successfully co-developed a chemical synthesis of Interferon β-1a for industrial scale.

Interferon β-1a is a 166 amino acid long glycosylated protein and an approved drug substance to treat multiple sclerosis with a world market of more than US$4bn.

There are currently three recombinant products on the market, which are a mixture of at least 10 glycoforms.

Bachem and GlyTech says they have achieved a pioneering breakthrough with the successful chemical synthesis of this protein featuring a specific, single glycosylation. First bioactivity studies demonstrated that the new product is as good as or better than the recombinant Interferon β-1a.

The firms are now looking forward to a future partnership with a pharma or biotech company interested in conducting all further development activities through to market approval.

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