BASF and Bend Research to develop solubility enhancing excipients

Published: 22-Feb-2013

Initially focusing on vinylpyrrolidone-based copolymers

BASF and formulations expert Bend Research have agreed jointly to evaluate and develop novel excipients to enhance the solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.

The companies plan to combine their expertise in the development of new excipients and drug formulations to provide customers from the pharmaceutical industry with early access to the latest polymer innovations. They aim to meet increasing challenges of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients (BCS Class II and IV compounds). The initial focus will be on optimising new vinylpyrrolidone-based copolymers being developed for the solubilisation of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients.

‘This collaboration offers early access to a different set of chemistries and allows us to develop and test customer formulations based on new polymers,’ said Rod Ray, CEO of Bend Research, which is based in Bend, Oregon, US. ‘BASF has an impressive track record developing and launching novel excipients. This deal complements our recently announced collaboration on cellulosics, because it gives us access to completely different chemistries.’

Ralf Fink, Vice President Global Marketing at BASF Pharma Ingredients & Services business unit, added: ‘We are glad to bring our in-depth knowledge of polymeric excipients into this collaboration – to extend jointly the current toolbox already comprising innovations like Soluplus.

‘Coupled with Bend Research’s outstanding strengths in formulation development, including spray-drying and hot-melt extrusion, we are in a unique position to address urgent solubility challenges.’

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