Bayer HealthCare collaborates with Sysmex Inostics

Published: 9-Oct-2013

To develop blood-based companion diagnostic tests for targeted tumour therapies

Bayer Healthcare is to collaborate with Sysmex Inostics, based in Hamburg, Germany, a division of Sysmex Corporation of Japan, to develop blood-based companion diagnostic tests in oncology, opening up new possibilities in personalised medicine.

Companion diagnostic tests analyse the specific molecular characteristics of a patient’s cancer tumour to help guide treatment decisions. The tests will provide evidence of which patients are more likely to respond to a particular anti-cancer agent.

Under the agreement, Sysmex Inostics will develop blood-based diagnostic tests based on its BEAMing technology, which enables a very sensitive analysis of circulating DNA shed into the blood stream from tumours and provides a non-invasive alternative to biopsies to obtain the mutational status of a patient’s tumour. This 'liquid biopsy' allows the selection of an appropriate therapeutic agent without the need of further surgeries or biopsies. Moreover, blood-based diagnostic DNA tests can be performed on patients where no tumour tissue is available.

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