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Biopharma is known as a leading supplier of equipment to the pharmaceutical, biotech and process industries specialising in freeze drying, solvent removal/evaporation, high pressure homogenisation technologies and the related equipment from preparative chromatography systems to vial washers. Additionally, having an independent consultancy division for analysis, R&D, training, product and cycle development projects and an in-house service and maintenance team allows Biopharma to be the ‘one-stop shop’ of choice across the industry.

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The Biopharma Group is made up of several divisions, including dedicated offices covering the UK, France, Ireland and the USA who offer a variety of our products and services within their geographical regions.

Equipment Sales and Service Division:

Established in 1989, the sales and service division is a leading supplier of equipment to pharmaceutical, biotech and process industries in the UK, Ireland and France, with a specialisation in freeze drying, solvent removal/ evaporation (Genevac), high pressure homogenisation technologies and the related equipment such as Sepiatec preparative chromatography solutions, Kinematics powder fillers, and Penntech vial handling solutions (including full aseptic processing lines).

Biopharma is proud not to be a catalogue company and our aim is to provide our customers with equipment and/ or services that best meet their process requirements whilst remaining on-hand to provide advice and assistance thereafter; it is our expertise and ability to be a ‘one-stop shop’ when it comes to freeze drying technology and lab processing equipment that keeps Biopharma at the forefront of our field.

The key to our success is the many combined years of experience and expertise in the processing industries and our in-depth knowledge of the equipment we supply. We also have an experienced technical service/ maintenance department and strong links with our suppliers enabling us to support the working life of your equipment.

Additionally, our on-site freeze drying laboratory in Winchester, UK, offers a range of services in product and process development and analysis.

Independent Consultancy Division: R&D consultancy, analysis, process development and training courses (scheduled and/ or customised)

The R&D consultancy and lab analysis division was established in 1997 to provide independent contract research, analysis, process reviews, product and cycle development services, training and analytical instrumentation to the global biopharmaceutical and related industries. We have decades of experience in the application of all aspects of freeze drying technology and have successfully processed in excess of 1000 substances on behalf of clients.

Together with our knowledge of pilot-scale and industrial freeze-dryers, we offer a uniquely comprehensive service and training courses (scheduled and customised on-site or webinar options are available) covering all aspects of freeze drying technology from pre-formulation through to full-scale production and dried product analysis.

Biopharma is at the forefront of analytical instrument technology developments having, in 2016, launched the most advanced freeze-drying microscope (FDM), the Lyostat5 with its unique tilt-back imaging station for easy sample loading and the Lyotherm3 frozen state solution analyser which combines traditional DTA with electrical impedance technology to provide the most accurate data relating to critical product stages to optimise the efficiencies of freeze drying process development.

Biopharma’s aim is to meet the precise needs of our customer's projects, and will agree a work programme and budget that is appropriate to the size and stage of the project, whether this be a single cycle run, individual analysis or a complete formulation development programme. Our philosophy is to augment our customers in-house expertise and work together to make each project a success.

As with the equipment sales and service division, our R&D Consultancy and lab analysis team is committed to providing a world-class service to our customers. We seek to ensure all our practices are controlled, safe and reliable for staff, customers and the products we handle. Therefore we have adopted a Quality Management System that ensures our laboratory, documentation and health and safety practices are of the highest standard. The Quality Management System ensures compliance with ISO 9001.

Biopharma in France (Biopharma Technologies France) combines elements from equipment sales and service in addition to having access to the expertise of the consultancy division, giving our French-speaking client base a one-stop option, while Biopharma Technology LLC in the USA is focused on providing analytical instruments and independent analytical services for those using freeze drying technologies and BPS Crowthorne in Ireland combines all the expertise offered by Biopharma’s UK teams with that of Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services, who are the UK’s largest cleanroom validation service providers.

Here are a couple of short testimonials from some of our customers:

“We have been dealing with Biopharma for several years and have purchased two freeze driers from them. […] we have been very satisfied with the quality of the freeze dryers that we have bought. Additionally, the help and support we have received has been outstanding, not only when we have asked for help but also while sales personnel have been on site […] As such we have been very impressed by their service”

RESEARCH ASSOCIATE - University of Liverpool

“The Rocket is one of the best investments we’ve made and it’s paid for itself many times over. It’s been so popular that other labs have purchased time on it and have been blown away by it’s efficiency…”

“…we received commercial work from Welsh Water where we had to evaporate large numbers of methanol, acetonitrile and ethyl acetate extracts (typically 50ml) to dryness / near dryness and of course this was painfully slow on the Turbovaps and RSD’s were erratic. I convinced one of the scientists […] to try the Rocket and she was instantly converted. Evaporation rates were fast and RSD’s were much improved.”

TECHNICAL SPECIALIST - Natural Resources Wales

“This is the first time we have used Biopharma and the support, responses and help was excellent.”

HEAD OF RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - Consumer Healthcare Developer

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