Biopharma Group to host free seminar in November

Published: 28-Oct-2019

The talk, titled 'Advances in Preparative SFC & Supporting Evaporative Technique' will take place in November

Biopharma group is holding a seminar next month which is essential for those interested in the latest advances in Preparative SFC and evaporative techniques/ technologies. The inaugural, and free to attend, seminar will take place on 13 November in Cambridge (9am – 4pm).

'Advances in Preparative SFC & Supporting Evaporative Techniques'

Guest speakers will include:

  • Peter Ridgway from Reach Separations
  • Holger Gumm from Sepiatec GmbH
  • Dr. Induka Abeysena from SP Genevac
  • Andrew Baker from Advion BioSciences
  • Ian Bailey from Biopharma Group

To view the agenda, learn more about Guest Speakers and to Register for free tickets, click here.

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