Bioprocessing valve manufacturer expands research and storage space

Published: 24-Sep-2019

US-based ASEPCO has opened a new facility for expanded team, research and warehouse facilities

ASEPCO has opened a new facility for expanded team, research and warehouse facilities. The specialist valve manufacturer for bioprocessing applications has doubled the space in California allowing for increased staffing and warehouse capacity, as well as enhanced R&D facilities.

The new location in Milpitas, CA, is a result of increased investment in operations, products and services. In the future, the site will also incorporate a new fully functional sanitary products training centre. ASEPCO’s product manufacturing locations will not change and all contact information remains the same.

The US-based company is part of the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Bill Mandel, President of ASEPCO, said: “We are delighted to be moving into our new expanded facility. ASEPCO is committed to providing the highest quality valves. This move will enable us to enhance the services we offer to continue to develop the best products for all our customers’ biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.”

ASEPCO has 30 years’ experience in making valves for aseptic processing. The well-designed, precisely-built valves save users’ time and money. Every aspect of ASEPCO’s Weirless Radial Diaphragm valve is designed to deliver consistency in pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes while reducing maintenance time by up to 80%. The unique construction and radial diaphragm design make the valves completely drainable and virtually eliminates the risk of contamination.

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