Bormioli Pharma announces the three winners of the contests launched in collaboration with Desall

Published: 16-Sep-2022

The three contests, Bormioli Pharma Re-shape Infusional, Bormioli Pharma Ophthalmic Dosing Design and Bormioli Pharma Ophthalmic Delivery Design, attracted over 109 entries from 28 countries and aimed to identify innovative solutions

Bormioli Pharma, international health solution provider manufacturing glass and plastic primary packaging for pharmaceutical use, today announced the three winners of the open innovation contests, launched in collaboration with, aimed at developing new smart and simple ophthalmic and infusional solutions.

The three winners were chosen by the company's Innovation Board from 109 submitted projects from 28 countries. Each project was subjected to a series of validation phases that involved not only the innovation team but also Bormioli Pharma's technical department, for feasibility assessments relating to the actual industrialisation of the projects presented.

"Our company is strongly focused on innovation in pharma packaging, and that’s why we are constantly looking for innovative ideas to propose to the pharmaceutical market and to develop in a co-responsibility and co-innovation model with our partners" commented Andrea Sentimenti, Marketing & Innovation Director of Bormioli Pharma. "After the success of last year’s contest, we decided to renovate our collaboration with, receiving feedback above every expectation for quantity, quality and geographical participation".

The Through Shape project, presented by Israeli industrial design student Jana Pfaff, was selected as the winner of the “Bormioli Pharma Re-shape Infusional” contest, aimed at defining a new shape for infusional drugs, focusing on ergonomics and space saving.

For the “Bormioli Pharma Ophthalmic Dosing Design” contest, Nube has been appointed as the winning project. Created by Spanish architect Juan Pablo Gomez, it is an adjustable electronic dosing system thanks to which the medicine is nebulised in discontinuous bursts for a certain time that the therapy lasts.

Finally, the third contest, “Bormioli Pharma Ophthalmic Delivery Design”, was won by the OpenEye project delivered by the Spanish engineer Carlos Martin Lopez. Created to help self-administration of ophthalmic drugs, it’s an eye-opener whose shapes are smooth to be safe and easy to clean, made of pharma-grade silicone with adequate stiffness.

In addition to the prizes provided for the contest, Bormioli Pharma will consider opportunities for collaboration with the winning designers on the various innovation streams activated by the company with a view to open innovation, opening up to skills and resources from outside the company, with the aim of multiplying the efforts, at the same time, developing distributed know-how shared with research centres, incubators, start-ups and universities.

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