Bormioli Pharma unveils revamped website

Published: 4-Oct-2022

Bormioli Pharma, an international market leader in pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices, renews its digital positioning with a new platform that focuses on product, sustainability and innovation

Bormioli Pharma has relaunched, with completely reorganised navigation, contents and a design that communicates the Group's recent evolution.

After an initial phase of a strong positioning and brand awareness strategy, with the new site Bormioli Pharma now chooses to tell the story of its core competencies, its people and its know-how, moving from a storytelling approach to a storydoing approach, highlighting the company's capabilities. The founding element of the new portal is composed by numbers and facts, particularly those relating to the main areas of growth in the last three years: sustainability, innovation, expansion of the product range and quality.

The brand's new purpose, “Making health a positive practice, accessible to everyone, kind to the planet” fully expresses this stage of development.

"With the launch of the new website, we present to the market an evolved Bormioli Pharma, which tells in a concrete way what we are doing to make health more and more accessible, inclusive and sustainable, thanks to a strong focus on product and process innovation" - comments Andrea Sentimenti, Marketing & Innovation Director of Bormioli Pharma. "The new portal is also an opportunity to reaffirm our ability to provide complete packaging solutions, which - together with our technical expertise, values and people - represents our uniqueness."

In order to enhance the product offering, the catalogue browsing experience has been rebuilt from scratch, creating diversified paths based on user needs and making use of dynamic filters to return even more precise results.

From a graphic point of view, the new site is characterised by minimalist lines and fresh design, which leave space for rich content.

The website was designed and created by I MILLE, a strongly growing independent agency active since 2004, with over 120 employees and 5 offices in Italy, Europe and Latin America.

Lorenzo Cagnato, COO & Partner of I MILLE comments: "We are happy to have supported Bormioli Pharma in the creation of this platform that succeeds in telling and expressing, through the technical solutions adopted, the new course of the company. All of Bormioli Pharma's stakeholders will now be able to interact with an intuitive and beautiful tool to discover the company's commitment, people and products."

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