Bormioli's 200th birthday approaches

Published: 14-Mar-2023

The company is looking to celebrate the impressive milestone with two major initiatives

Bormioli is celebrating its upcoming 200th birthday with a commitment to both serving patients and protecting the planet.

Leveraging 200 years of innovation in providing comprehensive packaging solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry, Bormioli is celebrating with two major initiatives: 

  • Addressing critical supply chain shortages in the availability of glass packaging solutions for injectable pharmaceuticals.
  • Implementing its signature “50-in-5” environmental program that aims to achieve 50% sustainability in raw materials by 2025.

“50-in-5” impacts the entire manufacturing footprint, increasing use of recycled materials throughout the production process and adopting carbon capture and green materials.

With investments of 50 million euros to date and similar investments planned over the next 3 years. Bormioli is:

  • Strengthening and expanding its industrial platform.
  • Investing in high value tubular glass vial capabilities.
  • Upgrading its molded glass platform.
  • Expanding clean-room facilities for production of rubber and aluminum closures.

Parma, Italy-based Bormioli Pharma works closely with the pharmaceutical industry and other global companies that are working towards the future of healthcare.

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