Butterworth continues to invest in new equipment

Published: 22-Jun-2022

Butterworth Laboratories provides independent, contract analytical services to the global pharmaceutical industry

To accommodate increasing workloads we have recently completed the installation of two Shimadzu GC’s with headspace samplers, a UV spectrophotomer, an Evaporating Light Scattering Detector (ELSD.

We have also recently placed orders to replace two viscometers and two additional Agilent UPLC’s. In addition the company are considering purchasing an additional Coulometric KF titrator and a Fluorescence Spectrometer.

The laboratory have recently completed the validation of an ICP-MS method for the analysis of Cadmium, Lead and Nickel in Magnesium Stearate, based on the ICHQ3D requirements used in the USP and EP for Elemental Impurities as an alternative to the current pharmacopoeial monograph Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (GFAAS) methods.

On the back of this successful exercise, we are now looking to see whether there are further materials which could benefit from the use of ICP-MS in place of GFAAS or AAS, for specified elements, as prescribed by the individual pharmacopeia monographs.

For more information see our Whitepaper on the subject: Whitepapers

Having completed the major construction project last year that provided new office space and sample receipt and storage facilities, work continues on plans for additional laboratory at the Waldegrave Road site.

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