Cogent Lab Systems

Published: 8-Apr-2022

A family of modular and flexible systems for TFF at process development scale

When developing a tangential flow filtration (TFF) step at small scale, using a model representative of large-scale performance is essential. It not only allows for the successful transfer from laboratory scale to larger volumes, but also maintains consistent process parameters.

Our family of Cogent® Lab systems uses similar design, sensing technologies, and accessories as our manufacturing-scale equipment. With a homogeneous design and flow range from 20 to 6000 mL/ min, our Cogent® Lab systems have been specifically created to simplify process development. These systems offer linear performance and a uniform and intuitive software experience, reducing training requirements and ensuring smooth scale-up and scale-down.

The Cogent® Lab 150, 800, and 6000 systems are optimized for high product recovery and drainability, ensuring successful small-scale TFF operations. With the ability to operate in concentration/diafiltration, microfiltration, and single pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) modes, our systems can accommodate a wide range of operating parameters (volume, temperature, flow), increasing flexibility and reducing CAPEX. While the base configuration meets the majority of process development pre-requisites, the modularity allows the systems to be tailored to specific requirements.

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