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DWK Life Sciences is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of precision labware as well as primary packaging solutions for Life Science Research, Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical markets. The company's offering includes over 35,000 glass and plastics products, manufactured at 12 sites, marketed under the acclaimed brands DURAN®, WHEATON® and KIMBLE®. Its world-leading and trusted glass is complemented by an innovative research and life science portfolio. Worldwide, 1,900 people are dedicated to developing and delivering superior products and services to meet the high expectations of customers in laboratories and production environments around the world


DWK Life Sciences

Your Excellent Partner

DWK Life Sciences is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of glass and plastic primary packaging. Our Primary Packaging container closure systems are manufactured from the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade tubing designed specifically for pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic/IVD, and personal care applications.

Our broad range of high quality container closure systems (CCS) are designed to ensure secure storage, safe delivery, and content integrity. Packaging components are available in customised quantities and packing formats to meet batch production and operational needs. Vials, bottles, ampoules, and closures can be processed and delivered ready-to-use (RTU) via particulate cleaning, depyrogenation, and sterilisation to streamline workflows. Our Stevanto Group EZ-fill® RTU Vials offered in nest & tub and tray formats for direct entry into your small and large batch production entity.

DWK Life Sciences can support your critical workflows from package selection and qualification, through conformance and compliance, through in-house and contracted production. We serve our Customers from discovery and formulation, clinical trials and validations, through bulk production and commercial delivery. Our end-to-end solutions and trusted products are designed around you and meet the most demanding regulatory, quality, and operational requirements.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Vial Manufacturing

DWK Life Sciences

DWK Life Sciences vial manufacturing produces tubular glass vials from the highest quality raw materials to manufacture glass primary packaging meeting United States (USP), European (EP), and Japanese (JP) compendial standards. Each of our manufacturing entities utilise identical equipment, feed stock, manufacturing processes, quality controls, and inspections to meet customer requirements at all of their geographic operations.

As your trusted partner, you can rely on DWK Life Sciences to simplify sourcing and support you at each stage of your drug development life cycle. Rely on DWK to provide product and process details, including Device Master File (DMF) support. From small quantity primary package evaluations to moderate quantity validations through large quantity production, our tubular glass vials are available in a range of colour, capacity, ISO & GPI finish, blowback, secondary packaging, and custom configurations.

Pipette Forming

DWK Life Sciences

DWK Life Sciences is an established glass pipette manufacturer to the Diagnostics, Healthcare, Homeopathy and Personal Care sectors across the globe.

Utilising extensive manufacturing and development capabilities, our flexible product offering includes standard and custom pipettes.

Glass dropper pipettes are an excellent primary packaging dispensing solution for many applications. Manufactured using ISO accredited production, the pipettes are formed from glass tubing, with different pipette tip options. Glass pipettes, when assembled with a bulb and cap form-controlled drop size dispensing solutions for direct application by consumers or patients.

Diagnostic applications include blood grouping reagents and rare antisera, when used alongside our standard tubular clear glass dropper bottles. Eye drops dispensing is performed with dropper assemblies in the healthcare sector. Amber tubular glass dropper bottles and dropper pipettes are ideal for dispensing light sensitive flower remedies and essential oil in the homeopathic sector. Serums, lotions and cosmetics to name a few can be dispensed by dropper assemblies in the personal care market.

DWK Life Sciences can design custom pipettes and dropper assemblies to fit your choice of tubular glass dropper bottle or container.

Glass Bottle Moulding

DWK Life Sciences

Moulded glass bottles have a long history of safe use as the primary packaging for high-value products, especially pharmaceuticals. The unique combination of excellent barrier properties, chemical durability and transparency has made moulded glass the reference material for a range of packaging and production applications.

Using ISO accredited production, DWK Life Science moulded glass bottles and containers are manufactured from high-purity ingredients. Using state-of-the-art Individual Section (IS) forming, annealing, and quality inspection, DWK Life Sciences consistently delivers bottles that have excellent dimensional tolerance, chemical resistance, and cosmetic appearance.

DWK Life Sciences can meet your custom bottle and container design and secondary packaging requirements. With over 7 decades of moulded glass bottle manufacturing experience, our team of consultative experts work with your packaging engineers to tailor a design for your specific application.

Visual Inspection Systems

DWK Life Sciences

DWK Life Sciences manufactures vials meeting the highest quality standards required by the pharmaceutical industry. Under cGMP and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) controls, every tubular glass vial undergoes 100% visual camera inspection. Assuring the delivering of tubular glass vials that are dimensionally accurate and free of physical and cosmetic defects.

Using a high-speed manufacturing process, clear and amber tubular glass vials are produced in a wide range of capacities, shapes, and finishes. As part of the inline process, each vial passes through inspection points to assure in process control and the quality of the finished product.

Our dimensional inspection method overcomes challenges inherent with human inspection including threaded finish, radii and angle accuracy that can impact closure integrity. Cosmetic inspection assures vials are free from visual blemishes that can negatively impact vial use for lyophilised and parenteral applications.

Packaging Products

Vials & Closure Systems

DWK Life Sciences

DWK is a premier manufacturer of high quality glass and plastic vial container closure systems designed to international standards, for diagnostic, pharmaceutical and personal care primary packaging applications. Crimp and threaded vials meet the requirements for the production, storage and delivery of injectable, biologic, and diagnostic content. DWK compliments our vial portfolio with a comprehensive selection of stoppers, crimp seals, and threaded closures providing a complete container closure solution. To improve workflows and simplify sourcing, packaging components are available in sterile ready-to-use (RTU) formats.

DWK Life Sciences offers

  • Tubular Glass Vials
  • Molded Glass Vials
  • Plastic Vials
  • Ready-to-Use Vials & Closures
  • Stoppers
  • Aluminum Seals
  • I-Loc Closures
  • Screw Thread Closures

Dropper Bottles & Pipettes

DWK Life Sciences

DWK Life Sciences is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tubular glass and plastic primary packaging dispensing solutions. Our dropper bottles & assemblies and plastic dropping bottles, tips and caps are used in the diagnostic, homeopathic and personal care sectors across the globe.

We offer a range of glass pipettes and plastic tip dispensing options, from standard catalogue items to customised primary packaging solutions, utilising our extensive manufacturing and development capabilities.

DWK Life Sciences offers

  • Clear Glass Dropper Bottles & Assemblies
  • Amber Glass Dropper Bottles & Assemblies
  • Glass Dropper Pipettes
  • Plastic Dropper Bottles, Tips and Caps

Bottles & Closure Systems

DWK Life Sciences

DWK manufacturers a range of high-quality moulded glass and plastic bottles and closures developed for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and chemical market sectors.

DWK is a premier source for high quality moulded glass and plastic bottles designed to international standards for the packaging of diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and industrial content. Our bottles are offered with validated closures to ensure safe storage and delivery of packaged content. Moulded Type I and Type III borosilicate glass bottles are available in screw thread and crimp finish. Plastic bottles are available in a wide range of resins to meet diverse chemical compatibility and compression specifications.

DWK’s bottle portfolio is complemented by a comprehensive range of container closure solutions. Improving workflows and simplifying sourcing, container closure systems are available in sterile ready-to-use (RTU) formats.

DWK Life Sciences offers

  • Glass Bottles
  • Plastic Bottles

Ready to Use and Custom Solutions

DWK Life Sciences

At DWK Life Sciences, our focus is on simplifying your workflows, sourcing, and to meet your unique requirements. We understand the complexities associated with the packaging of parenteral and sterile drug products. Our offering of ready-to-sterilise (RTS) and sterile ready-to-use (RTU) primary packaging components ship complete with Certificate of Analysis (COA), lot control, and traceability documentation.

RTS and sterile RTU components can streamline your operation, allowing for direct entry into your filling environment. Our ready to use offerings are available in small batch packs and large production run configurations. Other custom solutions include surface treatments to improve hydrophobicity, bar coding for traceability, and secondary packaging designed for your production environment.

We structure our secondary packaging to eliminate problems and to maximise efficiencies. We offer our primary packaging components in standard, case, bulk, and pallet quantities and in a variety of custom secondary packaging configurations. Whether you are looking to make changes to materials, pack quantities, or labelling, we welcome your customisation requests.

This includes:

  • Particulate Cleaning
  • Depyrogenation
  • Sterilisation
  • Siliconisation
  • Barcoding, Labeling & Marking
  • Custom Secondary Packaging


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