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Innovation DB helps people find novel technologies needed to improve products or create new ones. With the world's largest database of technologies available for license, drawing from around 5,000 academic institutions and 10,000s of SMEs, and with over 10,000 business members from global companies to individual start-up executives, we can help you find the ground-breaking technologies you need for your business.


Run by Innovation DB (, the Innovation Forum is an exclusive innovation (R&D) community. We create and nurture a space of value for innovators, researchers and developers by curating high-level content and research and development insights.

We also connect scores of global corporations, thousands of SMEs and hundreds of universities, enabling commercialization of IP. Our forum's database of technologies available for licence is the largest of its kind in the world.

While studies show that innovation has become a chief strategic priority for most CEOs, the return from investments in innovation is significantly lower than expected — be it speed to market, match between customer needs and product capability, or running projects in budget. This LinkedIn group is intended to focus on the innovation process to help companies improve their return on the investment in innovation.

Founding members of this group include Oracle, PA Consulting, the Design Council, the Deloitte Institute of Innovation at LBS, IBM, and distinguished individuals with relevant expertise.


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