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Founded in 1944, NSF’s mission is to protect and improve global human health. NSF, Pharmaceutical Services provides a comprehensive range of independent, third-party pharmaceutical and biotech support services for the pharmaceutical industry. These services are delivered by some of the most knowledgeable experts in their fields. Whether you’re looking for pharmaceutical consulting, training, auditing or regulatory guidance, you can trust the experts at NSF.


Partnering with you to provide world-class regulatory and compliance consulting, auditing and pharmaceutical training on a global basis.

Our unique combination of former regulatory agency staff and experienced industry professionals will assist you to achieve and maintain compliant, future-proof pharmaceutical quality systems (PQS) develop your staff at all levels to maximize their contribution to the business and help you to improve the competitive edge of your company in an increasingly complex and challenging marketplace. We are here to help get your products to market.

We care about you, our clients, which is why over 87% come back for more.

Services Overview

Providing you with solutions across the product life cycle:

  • Customised education programmes that will change behaviors, improve performance and ‘future proof’ your organization.  You are only as good as your people!
  • This includes:

    • Good manufacturing practice including clinical trials
    • Pharmaceutical auditor
    • Sterile products manufacture
    • Quality risk management
    • Process validation and more!

  • Qualified Person Education. More people have become ‘QPs’ in Europe through our QP training program than any other training provider. We collaborate with the University of Strathclyde, one of the UK’s top schools of Pharmacy and all our QP courses are Royal Society of Chemistry approved - you can have confidence that you’re in the best of hands!

  • Remediation consultancy. Helping you successfully manage warning letters, consent decrees, import alert notifications, WHO ‘de listing’ and removal of manufacturing and marketing licenses in the EU. With us you will emerge stronger and fitter

  • Quality system simplification, implementation, compliance assessment and benchmarking against best industry practice. We want you to have a quality system that will provide you with commercial advantage. One that is simple and effective

  • Regulatory inspection readiness and ‘mock inspections’. We will help you to succeed in your next FDA, EU or WHO Inspection

  • Pharmaceutical data integrity assessments. Let us help you find and close the gap before it’s too late

  • Helping you to error proof your processes and systems and drive continuous Improvement
  • Leadership development and coaching

  • Pharmaceutical auditing of third parties and suppliers. Let us help you to sleep easy at night!

  • Due diligence Audits. We will help you spend your money wisely

  • Auditor certification. We will independently ‘certify’ your GMP auditors so you can be confident with their findings

  • Excipient cGMP Certification

For more information on NSF’s pharma biotech services, visit www.nsfpharmabiotech.org

Why choose NSF’s pharma biotech services?

Our clients tell us we’re different, which is why they stay with us.
  • Our people are the best; experienced and pragmatic. They have been in your shoes. They understand your world and they care, a lot
  • We treat you as partners, not clients. We work with you and stick with you, no matter what
  • We want to make your life easier and your business better. We will tell you what you must STOP doing to succeed
  • We believe in preparing you for the future, not for a world that no longer exists
  • We will help you simplify, not complicate
  • With offices in all five continents we understand the languages and cultures better than most

Our ‘Not for Profit’ status means we act in your long-term best interest based on good science, expert experience and common sense.

We help you enhance and embed the right culture throughout your organization.

We also offer comprehensive medical devices consulting, training and auditing, and are able to assist companies in navigating international regulatory hurdles throughout the product lifestyle. We have combined regulatory and industry expertise across all therapeutic areas and provide customised consulting services in a number of areas. Click here to find out more.

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