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Spectronic CamSpec Ltd have supplied and serviced quality analytical laboratory instruments all over the UK and abroad since 1971


Their own range of CamSpec spectrophotometers are used and trusted worldwide, with over 40 distributors globally. The CamSpec product line is recognised by technical staff as one of the highest performing and advanced spectrophotometer models on the market. Versions are available for all kinds of laboratory, from the easy-to-use, student friendly M108 to the top-of-the-range, six mode M550.

Spectronic CamSpec are the UK distributors for a number of products, providing systems such as FTIR Spectrometers, Flame Photometers, Mercury Analysers and Electrochemistry equipment into hundreds of industries for use with thousands of different applications. In Europe, Spectronic CamSpec are the newly appointed distributors for the Food Texture Analyser system and its cousin instrument, the highly specialised Tenderometer, used for measuring the maturity of fresh peas. Spectronic CamSpec’s analytical expertise spans over a number of areas and they take pride in offering support to many different sectors that use analytical chemistry to improve their product or services.

The service department is second to none; engineers at Spectronic CamSpec have a deep and broad working knowledge of the spectrophotometer system and know the instruments exceptionally well. Excellent service contracts are offered with every instrument supplied in the UK and even on competitors’ systems. Regular maintenance ensures consistent, reliable results and saves busy users the hassle of calibrating, cleaning and checking their instruments. Breakdown service is available at short notice and Spectronic CamSpec can get engineers onsite as soon as possible to maintain your equipment.

Enquire today about an instrument or service and get a free, no-obligation quotation from the friendly and knowledgeable team.

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