Datwyler contributes to safer syringe design

Published: 7-Oct-2021

The company‘s rubber plungers make an important contribution to ensuring the syringe’s safety mechanisms function

Datwyler, a provider of elastomer components, has supported Roncadelle Operations in developing SafeR – a safety syringe with a needle retraction mechanism designed to eliminate needlestick injuries. After injection, the syringe automatically retracts the exposed needle, removing it from harm’s way, preventing the re-use of the syringe and promoting infection control.

“With the aim to provide next-level drug delivery for patients while creating a safer environment for healthcare providers, we are proud to launch the best-in-class retractable syringe – SafeR,” said Erik Ryckalts, CEO Roncadelle Operations. “This innovation is a result of intensive teamwork between Datwyler and Roncadelle Operations. We had a clear vision for the final product, and Datwyler contributed industry knowledge and a deep understanding of materials and medical device design to make it a reality within a very short timeline.”

For better healthcare practices, the syringe features a one-touch needle retraction mechanism upon completion of the injection, as well as auto disable, re-use prevention, and sharp injury protection safety mechanisms in one device.

These safety features are designed not only protect patients, but also healthcare workers, waste management workers and the community from the risk of accidental needlestick injuries and syringe re-use.

Datwyler advised on the bespoke syringe design. Owing to their shape, which features a hole in the centre, the company‘s rubber plungers make an important contribution to ensuring the syringe’s safety mechanisms function. Its knowledge of the disposable syringe market ensured key material and sealing options were considered for this patented application.

The polyisoprene-based compound used for the plungers meets demanding application requirements, Datwyler says. The compound is not only latex-free but also ensures consistent physical properties, according to the company. The hardness of the material, the tensile strength and the compression set remain unchanged for the lifetime of the syringe.

The project was reportedly executed in a very timeframe with the co-operation of multiple teams across three countries.

“The Datwyler team provided comprehensive support throughout the development stage, going above and beyond the traditional component supplier role. They truly believe in our product and in creating a safer environment for healthcare workers,” said Erik Ryckalts, Roncadelle Operations. “With an innovative supplier like Datwyler, we are confident that we can make the world a safer place one syringe at a time.”

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