Dow Chemical and Cambrex collaborate to manufacture drug-solubility solution

Published: 15-Feb-2013

Builds on the solubilisation partnership between Dow and Bend Research announced in October 2012

Cambrex and The Dow Chemical Company have executed an agreement for Cambrex to contract manufacture Dow hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate (HPMCAS) for drug solubility enhancement.

This is the final step in building on the solubilisation partnership that Dow and Bend Research announced in October 2012 and it will help Dow to offer commercial supply of solubility enabling excipients. Construction has already begun on the new operational facility at Cambrex Karlskoga with commercial product availability set for year-end 2013.

‘Dow’s polymer science and application expertise coupled with Cambrex’s capabilities positions Dow for rapid entry into the market,’ said Bob Maughon, Senior R&D Director for Dow. ‘The AFFINISOL product platform has excellent manufacturing flexibility to match the diverse excipients needs of our customers’ pipelines.’

‘We are enthusiastic about bringing the first solution of our AFFINISOL product range to the market,’ added Marc van Gerwen, Business Director for Dow. ‘This agreement demonstrates our ability to address promptly with material science the pharmaceutical industry’s most pressing need: advancing poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients to become therapeutically beneficial oral drug products.’

‘This agreement between Dow and Cambrex further validates Cambrex's commitment to finding solutions that offer our clients quality products and services to meet a market need,’ said Eric Neuffer, VP of Sales and Business Development for Cambrex.

‘This has been a great partnership with both the Dow and Cambrex teams focused on achieving project goals and objectives in a timely manner.’

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