Find the right packaging solution quickly and easily with the Gerresheimer g guide

Published: 1-Mar-2022

The new tool is aimed at potential customers in the pharmaceutical and biopharma medicine industries

Find the best packaging solution in no time at all: The g guide, Gerresheimer’s brand-new digital product selector, is now available on the Gerresheimer website ( The g guide leads users to the ideal solution simply by asking a handful of questions. The new tool is aimed at potential customers in the pharmaceutical, biopharma and veterinary medicine industries.

With its new g guide service, Gerresheimer has provided its customers and partners from the pharmaceutical, biopharma and veterinary medicine industries with a direct gateway to its broad range of products and solutions. “The benefits of the g guide will become clear immediately to our customers and partners,” says Ueli Utzinger, Group Senior Director Communication & Marketing. “The product selector brings our wide range of products to life in an intuitive way.” “Start-ups and aspiring biotech companies will find the support and expertise they need here in their search for the best packaging and service solutions,” adds Stefan Verheyden, Global Vice President Gx Biological Solutions.

The g guide product selector combines state-of-the-art online customer service with the highly acclaimed expertise of the Gerresheimer team. As a scientifically oriented, MDAX-listed company and global go-to partner for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, the new g guide tool further expands Gerresheimer’s customer focus.

The g guide is available to anyone visiting the Gerresheimer website. The digital tool guides users intuitively through six targeted questions about the specific characteristics of the pharmaceutical product that needs to be packaged, before offering a selection of appropriate solutions from the Gerresheimer portfolio. The g guide uses a special algorithm developed in-house by the Gerresheimer team to filter through more than 1,500 pharmaceutical products on the basis of the information provided by the user. Users go from answering questions to receiving their final recommendation in no time at all. The results can be compared quickly and easily on the product information screen. Users are then given the opportunity to contact the Gerresheimer sales team directly, who will provide expert advice on the basis of the recommendations made by the g guide.

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