Genovac to employ ENPICOM platform for antibody discovery

Published: 9-May-2022

Genovac will utilise the platform’s data management and computational analysis functionalities

Genovac, a CRO/CMO which specialises in antibodies for therapeutic, diagnostic and research market segments, and bioinformatics software company ENPICOM have announced that Genovac will use ENPICOM’s IGX Platform for its antibody discovery workflows. Genovac will utilise the platform’s data management and computational analysis functionalities to enable easier discovery of quality antibodies in the shortest amount of time, the companies say.

“We are proud to support Genovac, one of the world’s leading CROs in antibody discovery, as they continuously seek for innovative ways to better serve their clients in pursuit of therapeutic and diagnostic products," said Jos Lunenberg, CEO at ENPICOM. “ENPICOM’s solutions help organisations like Genovac decode the antibody repertoire and simplify the path to scientific discovery. We are proud to support their quest to deliver high value antibodies against even the most difficult targets.”

“The IGX Platform’s capabilities are truly impressive and the ENPICOM vision aligns well with our goals, so it's a natural match. We excel in delivering diverse antibody candidates for challenging targets. We’ve committed to continuous evaluation, acquisition, and development of the most advanced technologies that will dramatically increase the speed, robustness, and precision at which we discover new antibodies,” said Brian Walters, Chief Executive Officer at Genovac. “By leveraging ENPICOM’s powerful data integration and analysis features, we will be able to increase our ability to unlock access to needle-in-a-haystack targets and continue to deliver the world's most advanced antibody discovery solutions to our clients.”

According to ENPICOM, the IGX Platform interface allows researchers to explore their data with minimal training. Virtual tours can ease the onboarding process and data sharing options support collaboration. The technology’s antibody discovery capabilities allow scientists to perform computationally heavy processes like phylogenetic analysis and high-throughput structural modelling for liability analysis. Using the platform, the company says, researchers can improve their candidate selection by making accurate developability predictions for thousands of sequences at the same time, in a secure.

“ENPICOM has transformed our toolset for antibody discovery,” said Walters. "We are now even better equipped to discover the antibodies for our clients’ most challenging targets, enabling them to bring new therapeutic antibodies to the clinic and develop a new generation of drugs to treat life-threatening diseases.”

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