Heavy duty industrial pneumatic impact tools and drills from Ingersoll Rand

Published: 12-Apr-2018

The expanded portfolio of impact tools and drills are built with titanium to resist the harshest environment and are ATEX certified for use in explosive atmospheres

Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in reliable and innovative power tools, expanded its portfolio of ATEX certified industrial equipment with seven new heavy duty pneumatic impact tools and drills.

The new tools meet the harshest environments of specialised applications including the petrochemical and mining industries, and other production or processing areas where hazardous atmospheres can occur.

The ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) Directive 2014/34/EU1 is the European Regulatory Framework for the manufacture, installation and use of equipment in explosive atmospheres. It defines the essential health and safety requirements for equipment and protective systems.

“At Ingersoll Rand we have always tirelessly worked to be close to our customers and offer them power tools that help them do the job effectively in their even most demanding environments,” said Frederic Jezequel, product and marketing leader at Ingersoll Rand.

“Having in mind the various applications our customers need to deal with in the hazardous atmospheres, we now offer them the widest ATEX certified portfolio of tools on the market to choose from.”

These new additions make Ingersoll Rand’s portfolio of industrial impacts and drills the broadest offering of ATEX compliable impact tools on the market. The new industrial impact tools feature:

  • ATEX Ex h IIA T6 Gb X certification level
  • titanium hammer case for lightweight, durability and corrosion resistance, particularly important for offshore applications
  • high performance with the broadest torque range on the market ranging from 800Nm to 6780 Nm to cover all applications
  • pressure fed lubrication system delivering grease on the impacting jaws that contributes to increased durability and less frequent maintenance.

The newest additions to the ATEX certified portfolio of Ingersoll Rand tools are:

  • 2131PEX - 1/2’’ ATEX impact wrench featuring Ingersoll Rand twin hammer impact mechanism, pressure-fed mechanism lubrication and control allowing for precise delivery of power and speed
  • 3/4’’ 2925RBP1TiEX - ATEX Titanium impact wrench featuring Ingersoll Rand twin hammer impact mechanism, titanium hammer case and Corrode-X™ corrosion resistant treatment on internal parts. The motor can be converted to provide maximum torque in forward direction for fastening applications
  • 1’’ 3940B2TiEX, 3942B2TiEX and 1,5’’ 3955B2TiEX - ATEX titanium impact wrenches specifically designed for oil and gas, power generation and other demanding industries delivering 6780Nm of maximum torque in reverse. High performance motor package includes 7-vane rotor and bronze end-plates that allow for easy conversion to provide maximum torque in forward direction for fastening applications
  • 1/2’’ 7803RAKCEX - and 3/8’’ 7802RAKCEX - ATEX reversible drills with 500 RPM and 0.50 hp (0.38 kW) of power featuring a quiet design, reversible motors and keyless chuck.

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