High-precision temperature control solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, available in the UK from Labtex

Published: 19-Apr-2024

Huber offers a world-renowned range of temperature control systems and associated accessories for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology


  • Scaleup
  • Miniplants
  • Pilot plants
  • Reactors
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Sample preparation
  • Process cooling
  • Quality control
  • Material testing
  • Process development


From small scale research to large scale production over a temperature range of -125 °C to +425 °C.

Unistats are designed to control temperature in a wide variety of applications across all industries. They are used extensively in many departments and applications in the pharmaceutical industry from small scale research to large scale production over a temperature range of -125 °C to +425 °C.

Their ability to rapidly change the temperature of the circulating heat transfer fluid (HTF) and the advanced self-tuning PID controller provides the application with extremely tight and responsive temperature control.


Temperature control from -90 °C to +300 °C

Huber’s product line with classical constructed open baths and circulators are split into two ranges. The KISS range are simple units designed for small bench top applications. They have a simple controller and are easy to use.

The CC range has the more extensive Pilot ONE controller. Used in smaller application and especially when the rapid response of the Unistats is (perhaps) not required. Providing temperature control from -90 °C to +300 °C, they are an effective and useful laboratory work horse.


Specifically designed to remove heat but are also capable of temperature control within ±0,1 K if fitted with an optional heater.

The OLÉ range is for more simple applications such as cooling condensers on low volume rotary evaporators or low volume bioreactors. The controller is simple and easy to use.

The T range are floor standing chillers designed for larger applications, e.g. cooling the condenser on a high-volume rotary evaporator or used as a “central chilled water supply” for the whole laboratory. They are also very often used to control the temperature of large bioreactors.


In the UK, help to guide users to the right product for their application is always at hand from Labtex - a team with expertise in research and process development across a wide range of industries and disciplines.

Download the latest Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries brochure here.

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