Horizon signs license agreement with Glenmark for CHO cell line

Published: 30-Sep-2019

gene-edited Glutamine Synthetase (GS) knockout Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) K1 cell line has been licenced to be incorporated into the biomanufacturing process

Gene editing specialist, Horizon Discovery Group, has announced the full commercial licensing to Glenmark Pharmaceuticals of its gene-edited Glutamine Synthetase (GS) knockout Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) K1 cell line. Terms of the agreement were based on stringent evaluation of the cell line by Glenmark to assess its suitability for adoption into the company's biomanufacturing processes.

Martin Bertschinger, Deputy Director of Cell Sciences at Glenmark, explained: "After extensive evaluation, Horizon's GS knockout CHO K1 cell line demonstrated consistently impressive performance. We generated clones with high levels of productivity and a favourable stability profile relative to our previous system. Incorporating this technology into our biomanufacturing processes enhances our ability to efficiently generate high quality cell lines."

"We are extremely encouraged by the adoption of our GS knockout CHO K1 cell line by Glenmark. This proprietary solution has now been licensed to over 50 companies globally, which, together with a number of confirmed Investigational New Drug (IND) filings for products expressed in the cells, demonstrates increasing industry acceptance," said Dirk Gewert, Business Unit Director at Horizon. "These licenses have been taken as a result of an unmatched combination of high performance, transparent cell line history, supporting documentation, and attractive licensing terms."

"By adopting this approach, Horizon aims to empower organisations of all sizes from large pharmaceutical companies to small startups to drive efficiencies in biotherapeutic manufacturing," Gewert added.

Horizon licenses its CHO expression system to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biosimilar companies, as well as contract manufacturing organisations. The system includes the GS knockout CHO K1 cell line, a comprehensive package of supporting documentation, and an expression vector supplied under license from DNATwoPointO, Inc. This biomanufacturing platform allows these companies to move from the DNA sequence of their potential biotherapeutic to clinical manufacturing as simply and rapidly as possible.

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