Indena’s project in Madagascar wins CPhI prize for Excellence in Pharma: Corporate Social Responsibility

Published: 10-Oct-2016

The company has been awarded for its commitment in promoting sustainable local development and biodiversity conservation

Indena is proud to announce that its ongoing project of social sustainability in Madagascar received the prize Excellence in Pharma: Corporate Social Responsibility during the CPhI 2016 recently held in Barcelona, Spain.

The Centella project is part of Indena’s Sustainable Sourcing programme (SuSo), which started in October 2015 in the Alaotra Mangoro region of Madagascar, where most of the Centella asiatica processed by the company is harvested.

The project, backed by the Italian NGO, RTM – Volontari nel Mondo, has provided more than 1400 children and 30 teachers in five elementary schools with school kits and teaching materials.

Furthermore, Indena is putting the basis to support some renovation in schools and creation of libraries including also training courses for teachers and awareness sessions for parents on the importance of schooling and the inclusive education of children with disabilities. Early results point to increased school attendance and improvement in academic performance.

Indena has always been committed to sustainability, environmental safeguarding and social responsibility in its business management and the Sustainable Sourcing programme strengthens this commitment.

A dedicated multidisciplinary team – bringing together botanists, communication professionals, quality system managers, regulatory experts, cultural and linguistic operators - assesses the supply system for raw materials, scrupulously monitoring and evaluating 110 botanical species from 55 countries.

'We launched our Sustainable Sourcing programme in 2013, with the aim to have a fully sustainable supply chain. The Centella asiatica project in Madagascar has been one of the first goals of this programme, focused on improving the living conditions and decreasing poverty in local communities involved in Centella harvesting,' commented Daniele Giavini, Managing Director at Indena.

'The outcome of this project is the contribution that we are giving to the community engaged in the Centella asiatica supply chain, as well as to our customers and their final consumers, who have the awareness to sell or buy a product made in the respect of the natural and social environment,' Giavini added.

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