Introducing ORCA pallet: large-volume cold chain shipping made simple

Published: 22-Jun-2023

ORCA Pallet offers unique design benefits that can help streamline your cold chain, the latest addition in the Intelsius ORCA temperature-controlled packaging range

ORCA Pallet is a high-performance, multi-use, passive temperature-controlled pallet shipper designed for shipping large-volume pharmaceutical payloads anywhere in the cold chain, and is the latest addition in the Intelsius ORCA temperature-controlled packaging range and a significant evolution of the Intelsius pallet shipper offer. 

Standing out from the crowd

The combination of ORCA Pallet’s high-performance credentials, utilising vacuum insulated panels and advanced phase change materials, and collapsible design set it apart from other pallet shippers, enabling you to fully collapse the packaging, freeing up vital storage space and making return logistics easy. Watch the animated video to see how ORCA Pallet is put together.

Intelsius Technical Director, Jens Mangelsen was excited about the opportunities presented by ORCA Pallet: “For us, ORCA Pallet is about achieving excellence in passive temperature-control, making large-volume cold chain shipping simple for our customers, and helping them to reduce their carbon footprint with a multi-use solution that remains in the supply chain for longer.

Mangelsen continued: “ORCA Pallet’s unique collapsible design allows customers to make better use of their budget and physical storage space without compromising on quality. We’re confident ORCA Pallet will become a firm favourite with our customers, and we’re excited to see its implementation across multiple global cold chains over the coming months and years.”

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